sábado, 19 de julio de 2014

Proyecto de aula: Gods and goddesses

Cierre de proyecto sobre 

"Los dioses y diosas / Gods and goddesses" 

"Caja de Pandora"

Tercer grado 2012/2013, Colegio Guayamurí, Porlamar Isla de Margarita, Venezuela.

This project is about the ancient Romans named the planets after their gods and goddesses. Mercury, their swift messenger god, probably because it moved faster than the other planets as it traveled around the Sun. Venus because of its beauty, their goddess of love. Mars their god of war. Jupiter was the father of all gods (because of its size). Saturn, it reminded the Romans of Father Time, their god of agriculture. Uranus, god of the sky and Saturn's father. Neptune, god of the sea.

Also, the kids performed "The Pandora's Box".

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